Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Rational Relaunch

A long winter is moving towards the close, and spring is around the corner. The Rational Middle is ready for warmer weather and a fresh outlook. Beginning with the March 1 post, this space will offer a consistent schedule for posts and a variety of points of view. Nate Schlatter will join the RM on Wednesdays with a look at the world of sports, and the blog will soon be home to a voice for the conservative middle. I hope to add additional guest bloggers, and am currently working on adding a regular column on fine food (to quite literally spice up the middle!)

Politics by itself is just so tiring!

The schedule for now will be; political hot topics on Mondays and Thursdays, a series of business tips on Fridays (the first series will be called "Small Business 101"), Nate's Sports on Wednesdays, and guest posts for Tuesdays and Saturdays. More than a hundred visitors have spent time on the RM during the last 9 months, and I hope that all will enjoy the expanded point of view and new schedule.

As always, the point of the posts is to create conversation. Please feel free to post your thoughts on any columns that touch a nerve. Comments in disagreement are especially welcome!

The Rational Middle is listening...